Gene engineering recombinant technology

2023-05-18 / 356 reading

What is Gene engineering recombinant technology

Gene engineering, also known as gene splicing technology and DNA recombinant technology, is based on molecular genetics as the theoretical basis, with the modern method of molecular biology and microbiology as a means, and the genes of different sources are designed in vitro in vitro. Molecular, then import live cells to change the original genetic characteristics of the organism, obtain new varieties, and produce new products. Gene engineering technology provides powerful means for the study and function of genetic engineering.

Gene engineering recombinant technology steps

The genetic recombinant technology mainly includes four steps: extracting the target gene, the combination of the destination gene and the carrier, and the detection and expression of the destination gene into the receptor cell and the destination gene.

1. Extract the purpose gene

There are two main channels for obtaining the purpose of the purpose: one is to directly separate the gene from the DNA of the supply cell; the other is the artificial synthetic gene. The most commonly used method for directly separating genes is the “bird gun method”, also known as “bullet shooting method”.

2. Combination of destination genes with the carrier

The process of combining the target gene and the carrier is actually the process of re -combining DNA with different sources and the core of the genetic engineering.

3. Import the purpose gene into receptor cells

DNA molecules that are reorganized in vitro are transferred to receptor cells, mainly to learn from bacteria or virus infection cells. After the target gene is imported, the receptor cells can be copied with the reproduction of the receptor cells. Because the bacterial breeding speed is very fast, a large number of destination genes can be obtained in a short period of time.

4. Detection and expression of destination gene

Whether the target gene is introduced to the receptor cells, can it maintain and express its genetic characteristics stably, and can only be known through testing and identification. Receptor cells must show specific traits in order to explain that the purpose gene completes the expression process.

Gene engineering recombinant produce purpose

1.Remove the risk of virus pollution caused by animal -derived

2.more purity,higher activity,more stablity.