The difference between recombinant trypsin and trypsin

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The difference between recombinant trypsin and trypsin


1. The difference between  recombinatnt trypsin and trypsin


Trypsin can be roughly divided into two types. One is the traditional animal -derived trypsin. It mainly extracts the pancreatic tissue of bovin or porcine. The disadvantage is that it may bring the risk of viral pollution; the other is non -animal. Denocyllase, that is, the reorganization of recombinant technology produced by gene recombinant technology.



The main application of early trypsin is the production of insulin in biopharmaceuticals, but it soon glowed in other fields. The trypsin of animal source has great potential risks. It may carry a large number of viruses that can be infected with people, such as: BSE virus with cow cows with mad cow diseases, pigs’ spot and pool viruses. Influenza virus and so on.


Recombinant trypsin


Recombinant trypsin is an enzyme produced by genetic engineering technology. It is a form of trypsin, which is synthesized in the laboratory, not extracted from the source of animal sources (such as the pancreas of porcine or bovine).

Recombinant trypsin has many potential uses, including the production of drugs, research tools, and biotechnology applications, such as the production of protein drugs, the separation of cells, the production of vaccine, and the preparation of tissue samples for cell analysis. Traditional porcine or bovine trypsins are risks of virus pollution. For the first time in our country’s 2020 Pharmacopoeia, the quality standards of animal -free recombinant trypsin. Overall, recombinant trypsin is an indispensable instrumental enzyme in the field of biopharmaceuticals and scientific research.


2. Application of recombinant trypsin


1)Applications in the field of pharmaceutical development and biochemical research


In terms of biochemical research, recombinant trypsin can analyze protein structure and amino acid sequence;


In the field of pharmaceuticals, since the recombinant trypsin can selectively hydrolyze lysine, arginine peptide chain, it can be used to treat various diseases such as inflammation, ulcer, ringworm, edema, hematoma and other diseases, and can promote drugs such as antibiotics Essence The recombinant trypsin preparation is mainly injecting aspinase, which can be used in the treatment fields such as surgical inflammation, emphysema, bronchitis, traumatic damage, and poisonous snake bite.

2)Applications in vaccine production

Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent diseases and spread. The main methods of mainstream production vaccines are: chicken embryo culture system and animal cell culture system.

At present, the most widely used is animal cell culture system. Animal cells can quickly proliferate in a suitable environment, and because it is extremely similar to human tissue cells, the vaccine produced has high immunogenicity. There are many shortcomings in the traditional chicken embryo culture vaccine system, such as the cultivation of viruses is prone to mutation; there are differences in the number of virus strains in the population, resulting in poor vaccine effect or no prevention effect; As a result, it is impossible to meet the demand for vaccines in a short time.


I. For the cells during the vaccine production, the cells were resolved


Animal cells dependent on the wall are attached to the surface of the solid phase when culture. It is generally attached to the surface or microcarling of the cultivation utensils. We call it the paste wall culture. In the process of cell culture, the cell digestive liquid needs to be treated with the pattern cells to make it a single cell and does not cause damage to it. The main components of the enzyme cell digestive solution are protein hydrolytic enzymes and buffering protective solutions.


The current market is mainly based on recombinant trypsin digestive solution. Recombinant trypsin can hydrolyze the sticky protein between cells, release a single independent cell, and well maintain the integrity and cell activity of the cells.


II. Used for cracking virus in vaccine production


Taking the influenza virus hemorchin HA trained by the cell culture system as an example: The influenza virus hemorchin HA can be mediated by the host protease to be cracked into mature HA1 and HA2 before the fusion of the virus capsule film and the target cells, and the viral life cycle began. Therefore HA’s cracking becomes the primary factor for virus infection cells. Therefore, it can be cracked by the method of restructuring aspinase to produce the production of virus vaccines. It can effectively improve the virus output, thereby performing large -scale production and simplifying related production processes.


III. Used to eliminate biological hazards that may be caused during the production process of vaccine


The current genetic engineering vaccine is a concentrated point for biological safety management of the international community. During the development of genetic engineering vaccines, a organism that has been reorganized by genetic reorganization Once an exogenous gene is escaped into the environment, it may cause ecology after genetic integration, which may cause ecology The structure of the system changes, breaking its ecological balance formed in the process of long -term evolution, threatening creatures in nature. Some viruses have genes that cause target tissue injuries, which may make the original harmless microorganisms extremely dangerous.



The Kekai’s recombinant trypsin is obtained from the separation and purification from the reorganized Bichi yeast. It belongs to the genetic engineering enzymes of biochemistry levels. It does not contain enzyme inhibitors such as DFP, PMSF, and TLCK. It has the same activity and specificity as natural ispase. Its activity is inhibitory of derived protease inhibitors such as PMSF and TLCK, and metal ion chelating such as EDTA.we have Pharmaceutical grade,cell culture grade and 1:250 grade based on difference usage.they suit to and have their own advantages according to different usage.