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2023-03-01 / 160 reading

knowledge About recombinant protein A:

How to identify a protein that is similar to protein A as protein A: Reverse the liquid phase and use the SPA (recombinant protein A) standard as a control to see if the peak is consistent with the standard to determine whether it is protein A.

There are two types of molecular weights for protein A: – 25 corresponds to a molecular weight of over 20000, while – 45 corresponds to a molecular weight of over 40000.

It can be used for IgG, and one protein molecule can bind at least two IgGs. Our current load is 60-83MG/ML, and the binding power of the protein to IgG depends on the customer’s technology and the microspheres used.

Our recombinant protein A has a high protein content and can provide different protein A products that are suitable for different needs of customers.

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