Why do we choose Kekai?

2023-03-01 / 187 reading

Our trypsin is divided into pharmacopoeia grade trypsin, cell culture grade trypsin, and 1:250 trypsin.More accurate for different purposes, with a higher test success rate.

No animal origin: Recombinant production, no foreign virus contamination, such as swine flu virus, porcine parvovirus, etc.

High purity: no other miscellaneous enzyme pollution: no other side reactions in the digestion reaction.Host protein residue is less than the limit requirement for biological products.

High specific activity: no less than 3800 USP /mg pro.quality leading in china.

Stable: freeze-dried powder, easy to store and transport; mass production, more than 1000KGS/year

Compliance: Production equipment and production environment comply with relevant regulatory requirements and GMP guidelines.

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