Recombinant lysyl endopeptidase

Recombinant lysyl endopeptidase

Recombinant Lys-C uses the Achromobacter lyticus gene to overcome the expression problem of E. coli and select a high activity strain.

CAS: 72561-05-8
Additional information

1、name:Recombinant lysyl endopeptidase or Recombinant Lys-C

Product description


Recombinant Lys-C uses the Achromobacter lyticus gene to overcome the expression problem of E. coli and select a high activity strain. The lyophilized powder made by high-density fermentation, separation and purification and freeze-drying can specifically cut the peptide bond at the carboxyl end of lysine residue, which has the same specificity and activity as natural Lys.


This product belongs to the biochemical level of genetic engineering enzyme, and does not contain other miscellaneous proteases (such as lys-n, arg-c and other serine proteases), and does not contain DFP, PMSF, TLCK and other enzyme inhibitors. Recombinant lysyl endonuclease (biochemical grade) and recombinant lysyl endonuclease (mass spectrometry grade).



2、 Product parameters


Properties: white or off white lyophilized powder


Enzyme specific activity: ≥ 3.0au/mg pro


Molecular weight: 29KD ± 2.9kd


Purity: single main band (SDS-PAGE)


Protein content: 40% ~ 70%


Foreign DNA residue: ≤ 100ng / Mg pro


Residual amount of bacterial protein: ≤ 100ng / Mg pro


Optimal p H value: 9.0-10.0


Solubility: soluble in water or buffer


Product specification: 10au / 100au / 1000au / customized


3、 Product advantages


It would rather spend more time and cost in the control of fermentation process just to ensure the activity of enzymes.


The whole purification process is completed in a mild environment to prevent the loss of enzyme activity.


SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, single main band.


Specific activity of enzyme ≥ 3.0au/mg pro


The efficiency of enzyme digestion is high, and 1g of most fusion proteins can be completely digested with 2au enzyme.


It can be used for the detection of residues by commercial kits


Innovative label design, faster and more convenient for residue detection.


The histidine tag is exposed to the surface of the enzyme molecule and can be detected by the commercial his tag protein detection kit.


Exquisite design, without changing the active center and conformation, ensures no loss of enzyme activity.


The production process is simplified and suitable for large-scale production.


Advantages of enzymes themselves:


The activity was 10 times higher than that of bovine trypsin and the amount of enzyme was less;


It has a wide range of pH tolerance (ph8.5-10.5);


Stronger resistance to surfactants, such as maintaining whole enzyme activity in solutions containing 4mol / L urea or 0.1% SDS;


It has higher substrate specificity than trypsin. Trypsin can recognize and cut lysine and arginine, while lysine endonuclease usually only recognizes and cuts lysine, so it can significantly improve the enzymatic conversion, reduce impurity production and improve the purity of enzymatic products;


Lysyl endonuclease digest is milder than trypsin digest, especially suitable for stem cell culture.


Product safety


  1. Strains that do not cause diseases in humans or animals.


  1. Grade 3 raw materials, meeting the provisions of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, with high safety level


No raw materials of animal origin are used in the production process.


  1. Standards of pharmaceutical raw materials: in line with the standards of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition.


4、 Ultra high specific activity


From strains to finished products, pay attention to every detail, so that each enzyme molecule has a natural conformation and the highest activity


5、 Product usage:

Recombinant lysyl endopeptidase


(biochemical level) (mass spectrometry level)


The specific activity is high, usually 3.0au/mg pro The above specific activity is higher, usually 4Au / Mg pro


Recommended for enzyme digestion, insulin production, etc. recommended for analysis and detection, mass spectrometry, etc

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