Recombinant double basic amino acid endopeptidase

Recombinant double basic amino acid endopeptidase

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  1. Product introduction

Recombinant double basic amino acid endopeptidase (KEX2; E.C. belongs to the subtilisin family and can specifically recognize and cleave the carboxyl terminal peptide bonds of Lys-Arg and Arg-Arg double basic amino acids; The recombinant double basic amino acid endopeptidase produced by our company is recombined and expressed by Pichia pastoris without any label. The molecular weight of this product is 80kDa, the optimal digestion pH is 8.0~10.0, the optimal digestion temperature is 37 ° C, and the digestion activity is not inhibited by serine protease inhibitors such as PMSF, TPCK, etc.


  1. Scope of application


Bio-pharmaceuticals: enzyme digestion or peptide conversion in the production of recombinant insulin and its analogues (such as insulin aspartate, insulin digitalis and insulin glutathione), and process enzyme digestion in the production of polypeptide drugs. Biological research: protein enzymolysis, peptide map analysis and sequencing.

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